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news247.com.ng is a news aggregation service where news items are programmatically collected from Local and international news websites and then displayed in a single page. Our main aim is simple, to make things easier for you by giving you quick access to the information in your region.We respect the copyright of the writers and source website, so we only display a snippet of the news. The complete story can only be read in full in the news host website.

Take down Notice

news247.com.ng don't write ,edit or mordify stories in this website. we only syndicate news from over 3000 sources using certain keywords , and we only display the first 200 words.Visitors have to click on "read more" link at the bottom of the story to take them to the writer's website .

If you find any story you want us to remove, kindly follow the steps below
  1. --send us the exact link-containing the story you want us to remove ,or copy the exact title of the story and send it to us. You must show us the link- copy it from the website and paste it and send it in an email to us-bounce@news247.com.ng and put the subject "Take down notice"
  2. --- click on the "read more" link at the bottom of the story and it will take you to the news writer's website- contact them to also remove the story

In summary, send us a take down notice following the format stated above and the news will be removed,that is it. We are not responsible for any story that appear on our website.

Want to contact us?

We encourage you to contact us for any comments, suggestions and feedback. You can reach us at bounce @ news247.com.ng